Routine care of household and business HVAC gear is a requirement. Bill’s Refrigeration provides professional air conditioning repairs to make sure that your heating gear is running efficiently. Systems that are not maintained can result in poor heating quality and grow fuel costs to you. Our skilled technicians from Minot ND not only take this into consideration when installing your heating gear, but keep this in mind as they execute routine HVAC maintenance checks and tune-ups.

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HVAC installation on the top of a building

Air conditioners supply chilly air to your home usually through a centralized system. We provide repairs, installation and care on almost any air conditioning system. We will diagnose and troubleshoot your A/C system to insure your needs meet your desired comfort level. Hiring Bill’s Refrigeration is an insurance that you will receive the highest level air conditioning repair, avaiable on the market.

Furnaces provide the heating throughout your home. Our trained technicians will insure that your system is running properly. After checking all the necessary parts of your furnace we will repair or install then necessary parts regardless of the fuel type you use to produce heat.

Technicians dealing with a heating repair

Damaged or improperly configured duct work causes a strain on the central heating system that causes parts to wear out much faster than normal. Leaking ducts are also the primary culprit responsible for wasted energy in a HVAC system.

Heat pumps are a green and economical alternative to furnaces. Heat pumps use the natural temperature change between the interior of the home and either the outside air or ground to control both heating and cooling. Heat pumps can last a long time and save you money, but they can be difficult to find parts for. Our certified Bill’s Refrigeration technicians are all trained in heat pump technology.

Bill's Refrigeration offers a variety of solutions for the local community of Minot ND. Restaurant appliance service is one of them. Learn more about our support for the local business owners.