Commercial Refrigeration Repair

We, at Bill’s Refrigeration, are in this business since 2006 and we are ready to save you from all troubles with appliance. From our practise experinece we can assure you that the proper functioning of your refrigerator depends on good upkeep. We evaluate your appliance to ensure it works at maximum efficiency, has no freon leaks and maintains the right temperatures for product integrity. Commercial refrigeration repairs are our specialty. If you are a business owner and need an emergency service, remember then you can count on Bill's Refrigeration.

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Address: 509 22nd St NW, Minot, ND 58703-1851
Phone: (701) 833-0424 or mobile: (701) 833-6938

RefrigeratorAs one of our new clients you’ll be connected to our data center where we can guard your refrigeration set remotely.  If any problems appear, we’re on it! Our technicians are capable to locate and find solution for any problem. Your commercial refrigeration repairs will be a 100% successfully handled. Once the job is finished, our technicians will test the performance of the system using the proper methods to be sure the refrigerator is running optimally.

Our maintenance programs keep your equipment running at peak performance by routinely inspecting on and adjusting all controls to factory recommended settings. Bergen Refrigeration’s technicians are capable of installing, maintaining and servicing motors, compressors, condensing units, evaporators, piping, and various other components of heating and air conditioning systems. We’ve committed the necessary resources to get to your place within two hours, 24/7, and our techs have handheld devices that will help to speedily identify problems with your system. Our routine maintenance helps keep your energy costs low and extends the life of your equipment.

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